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Introducing our delicious Gourmet Mexi Mac & Cheese - the perfect fusion of classic Canadian comfort food with bold, Mexican flavors. This premium dish is expertly crafted with high-quality cheese and spices, making it infinitely better than any boxed mac and cheese you've ever tasted. Our Mexi Mac and Cheese is truly a feast for the senses, with a rich and creamy texture that's perfectly complemented by the zesty kick of chili peppers and other aromatic seasonings. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy dinner fix or a gourmet side dish for your next dinner party, our Mexi Mac and Cheese is the way to go. So why settle for bland, boring mac and cheese when you can indulge in something truly flavourful and satisfying? This dish is also excellent with cooked ground beef or cooked chicken added to it to make that prefect satisfying meal, order yours today!  

Gourmet Mexi Mac & Cheese

SKU: 12345601
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